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Attorney Edward A. Doskey handles a variety of disability and insurance matters.

At Doskey Law, P.L.C., we handle denials of private long-term disability insurance (LTD), accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D), and Longshore claims. We also handle other types of insurance disputes, such as homeowners, life insurance and business interruption insurance.

Edward Doskey is an experienced disability attorney who can help you from start to finish in the process of obtaining disability benefits. He is familiar with the fine print in disability insurance policies and the tactics the insurance companies use to deny valid claims. We can help you navigate the minefield of loopholes, exclusions, and excuses insurance companies use to deny valid claims for benefits. Do you have questions about your case? Ask Disability Attorney Ed Doskey.

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Disability Attorney Ed Doskey – Committed to Helping Louisianans.
Specializing in Disability Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, and Personal Injury since 1999.

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